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We’re your local, semi-professional / semi-backyard camera hire shop, located just a couple minutes from the Adelaide CBD.  We offer production equipment for both stills and video shoots including Sony FX9, FS7 and A7R iii hire. As full time shooters ourselves we offer knowledge on all the gear we offer and also understand the needs of those working in the industry.

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Common questions

Yes… well sort of – Larry’s is also where we edit and more importantly where we live! We are not a standard camera rental shop that is run 9-5… and yes you will be coming to a house to pick up / drop off (enjoy the ample parking space!)

Not always – We are also full time shooters / editors so if we are on a shoot we might not answer the call / reply to the message straight away – but always do our best to stay contactable.

Call if you want as answer right then and there, text if you want an answer pretty fast, email if you want an answer at regular speed.

Yes – he is fairly large also… if being in contact with a dog is not appealing to you let us know ahead of your booking.

No – you pay when you collect the equipment (unless you have organised something specifically with us). To make a booking online you just need to provide some contact details so that we can create your account.

If you have not booked with us before, we will get in contact with you prior to your first pickup to ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions (remember to bring in some ID)

No – all hires must be booked in advance.

No – but to rent gear from us you either need to be an Australian citizen, or your production needs to be fully insured and we need to be listed as an interested party on your policy.

If you are an Australian citizen, you’ll need to bring along some proof of this (your passport). You’ll also need proof of your current address (drivers licence / ID) and a valid credit card, which will be validated and photocopied.

Yes, we have a policy that covers our risk for most loss or damage events. When you hire from us, you are automatically covered by our policy. If equipment is lost or damaged, you will only be required to pay 50% of the replacement value of the equipment up to a maximum of $750. Deliberate fraud or damage is not covered. Unusually high risk activities are not covered, and loss or damage outside of Australia is not covered.

(Unless there’s a delay caused by the late return of equipment from a previous hire) you can collect the equipment you have booked from 3pm the day before the first day of your booking and return it by 11am the day following the last day of your booking.

So, for example, if you book for a Tuesday and Wednesday, you can collect your booking from 3pm until closing time on Monday (or from opening time on Tuesday) and return it by 11am on Thursday,

Earlier collection of gear can often be accommodated – please just ask – we can also do our best to accommodate after hours pick ups / drop offs.

You can hire gear over the entire weekend for the price of one day.

Visa, Mastercard, debit cards and cash. Direct credit into our bank account is also an option. We also offer payment terms for regular customers and established production companies etc with good payment histories.

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