Larry's Lighting Van Package - $800

Day price including GST + Insurance

The Larry’s Lighting Van Package includes all of the listed items on this page. This package has been designed to cover a large variety of shooting requirements – however if there are additional items you require for your needs just get in touch.  

As the first gaffer / lighting van package available to dry hire in Adelaide we are offering it at the introductory price of $800/day allowing more gaffers, producers and DP’s to experience the value and convenience of utilising a lighting / grip package.

Also available are Larry’s crew members as gaffer / best boy / lighting assistants starting at $400/day – please get in touch for more detail.

COB LED Lights

Evoke 1200B

Evoke 1200B (x2)

Evoke 900B

Evoke 900B (x2)

Forza 720B

Forza 720B (x2)

Forza 300B

Forze 300B (x2)

Amaran 60X

Amaran 60X (x1)

Panel LED Lights

Nanlux Dyno 650c

Nanlux Dyno 650c (x2)

Litepanel Astra 1x1 Bi Colour

Litepanel Astra 1x1 Bi Colour (x3)

Amaran 60C

Amaran 60C (x1)

LED Tube​

Pavotube II 4ft

Pavotube II 4ft (x6)

COB Modifiers

FL35-YK Fresnel

FL35-YK Fresnel (x2)

FL-20G Fresnel

FL-20G Fresnel (x1)

Forza Projector 36° Lens

Forza Projector 36° Lens (x1)

Softbox Modifiers

Nanlux 120cm Parabolic Softbox

Nanlux 120cm Parabolic Softbox (x2)

Aputure Light Dome II

Aputure Light Dome II (x2)

Aputure Light Dome Mini

Aputure Light Dome Mini (x1)

Aputure Light Dome 150cm

Aputure Light Dome 150cm (x1)

Aputure Lantern 90cm

Aputure Lantern 90cm (x1)



C-Stand (x6)

Full Size Combo

Full Size Combo (x4)

Rolling C Stand

Rolling C Stand (x2)

Low Boy Combo

Low Boy Combo (x1)


Kupo Big Boom

Kupo Big Boom (x1)

Rolling Boom

Rolling Boom (x1)

Apple boxes

Nested Apple Box Set

Nested Apple Box Set (x2)

Shot Bags

12.5kg Shot Bags

12.5kg Shot Bags (x15)


4ft x 4ft Floppy

4ft x 4ft Floppy (x2)

36” x 36” Floppy

36” x 36” Floppy (x1)

4ft x 4ft Ultra Bounce

4ft x 4ft Ultra Bounce (x1)

LARH Black

8ft x 8ft LARH Black (x1)

LARH Black

12ft x 12ft LARH Black (x1)


Camera Equipment

Long Cardellini (x4)

Camera Equipment

Grip Head (x4)

Camera Equipment

Jumbo Grip Head (x2)

Camera Equipment

Super Clamp (x2)

Camera Equipment

Nano Clamp (x4)

Camera Equipment

Spring Clamp (x10)

Camera Equipment

MP coupler (x2)

Camera Equipment

Safety Cable (x10)

Camera Equipment

Mini Spring Clamp (x20)


Camera Equipment

12ft x 12ft Modular (x1)

Camera Equipment

8ft x 8ft Modular (x2)

Camera Equipment

4ft x 4ft Frame (x1)


Camera Equipment

25m 10amp (x2)

Camera Equipment

10m 10amp (x4)

Camera Equipment

5m 10amp (x4)

Camera Equipment

6 Way 10amp power board (x4)


Camera Equipment

2.4KVA Generator (x1)


Camera Equipment

Antari F1 Fazer / Hazer (x1)

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